5 Self-loving Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

self-loveThe most important investment you can make in your business, is the investment you make in yourself. Without you, there is no business, particularly in the early stages. Let’s consider some positive habits that you can adopt to ensure you maintain health, well-being and clarity.


  1. Move your bodyWhen you’ve got work piling up and deadlines to meet, it can be easy to feel surgically attached to your laptop. Hours fly by. Tempting though it can be to just keep going, you’ll actually be more productive if you leave your desk regularly. All it takes is 12 minutes of walking or other exercise to fire up the synapses to your brain and everything seems so much clearer. Get outside, get some fresh air and give your eyes a rest from the screen. Leave your phone behind. You will get more achieved. It’s amazing how those flashes of inspiration can reveal themselves when we give them a chance.
  2. Listen to your inner wisdomSo often we doubt ourselves and can look externally for the advice that we need. It can be extremely helpful to have mentors and get professional advice in areas where we feel we are lacking in knowledge. However, it’s crucial to trust yourself and listen to your own wisdom. Your heart and gut will always communicate to you if you are listening. If something doesn’t feel right, then usually it isn’t, or maybe you just need more information. When you need to make a decision, close your eyes and notice if you feel expanded or contracted when you contemplate either option. Ask yourself is this a fear-based decision or a love-based decision? Trust yourself. You will know the answer.
  3. m2Create a sacred spaceTake yourself and your work seriously. Create a dedicated space, even if it’s just a desk where you can focus on your work. How do you feel in that space? What can you see when you look around? Notice what feelings arise. Make your surroundings and environment as pleasant as possible so it is conducive to you feeling comfortable and inspired. Feng Shui is an interesting ancient modality that you could examine to see which area of your home must be most effective for you to have a dedicated work space. Start each day with a clear intention and ask yourself “ what is my most important priority today?”.
  4. Give up comparisonsAlthough it can be useful to know what’s going on with similar businesses, don’t get stuck in comparison-itis. Focus on how YOU can serve with your gifts. Never compete on price. Instead demonstrate the benefits of buying from you. When you start to get caught up in what everyone else is doing or how much they are charging, it distracts you from what you do best. Being you.
    Bring your focus internally. How can you assist as many people as possible to the best of your ability with your unique offering?
  5. m3Make me-time a priorityRegardless of how passionate you may be, it’s wise to take time out during the day. Taking regular 5-10 minute breaks can be energizing and uplifting. Make a list of all the things that you can do for yourself in 5 minute slots in between items on your ‘to do’ list. Belting out your favourite tune, having a nana nap, giving yourself a face massage, a quick chat with a friend, reading a few pages from an inspirational book, popping outside for some fresh air or focusing on your breathing are all easy ways to nurture yourself in your busy day. The more loving attention you can give to yourself, the better you will feel and then the more of your brilliance you have to share with your clients.

Michelle Marie McGrath, Creator of Sacred Self’s self-love range of organic Alchemical oils and self-love cards. Whilst meditating one day in 2003, Michelle asked herself what she most needed. The answer she received was ‘self-love’. She is passionate about falling in love with all parts of herself, and creating tools and products that remind others to do the same. ops MMMc IS the creator of  www.sacredself.com.au.



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  1. angela says

    It’s a rare day that I don’t use one of these delectable oils…. today is is FREEDOM! Thanks Michelle, for introducing me to the concept of self love!

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